Coming Soon - Miura POSzle

€630,00 Excl. tax
POSzle and Countr are fully integrated, creating a seamless checkout experience. 

POSzle is a modular tablet POS hardware bundle, with integrated payment, that seamlessly brings together everything you need to deliver a leading POS solution that works ‘out of the box’ and with a smart tablet of your choice. With POSzle, everything fits beautifully together, thanks to the connectivity of the Fuse Smart Hub with Fuse API. Its unique modularity ensures easy integration with POS software apps and future support for legacy hardware peripherals, providing a POS hardware solution that is both scalable and future-proof.
The Fuse Smart Hub integrates and powers multiple peripherals, including a Miura printer, Miura PIN Entry Devices and third party cash drawers and scanners. It’s ready for the future with a range of physical ports and multiple connectivity modes. Together with the Fuse SDK and Fuse Retail API, it’s the beautifully simple way to integrate and manage a powerful tablet POS solution.

  • Fuse Smart Hub (5 USB ports, Ethernet, cash drawer)
  • Integrated Printer 80mm paper width (3 inch)
  • Universal Tablet stand : Adjustable and lockable with cable management 
  • Cash Drawer (included free in bundle)* 
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