Star LAN Printer with WiFi Pack

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Star Micronics POS printer: TSP143LAN with WiFi Pack

TSP143LAN POS Printer, 125mm/second, Ethernet Autocutter

An entry-level Ethernet version of the popular TSP100 futurePRNT printer. Ethernet is the connection method of choice for hospitality and retail environments requiring fast, long distance, reliable communication. However this extremely flexible choice of connection has always come at a cost. This is no longer the case, the TSP100LAN is the world's first dedicated Ethernet receipt printer available at virtually entry-level pricing.

The TSP100LAN offers this flexibility at a low cost with a simple, fast network connection using standard CAT 5 cabling combined with futurePRNT software and simple installation procedures.

Using the Star "Keep Alive" Feature, the TSP100LAN will negotiate with any networked host and automatically print an error if the connection is lost due to PC / Hub failure or cable damage with immediate warning to the remote location that the printer is offline.

Now the NEW Star low cost WiFi Power Pack offers simple WiFi printing directly from Tablets, PCs or any other Mobile Device to any Star LAN printer. A low cost wireless LAN solution which is modular, easy to upgrade with quick intuitive set-up.

The WiFi Pack 

The WiFi Power Pack is designed to make any Star LAN interface printer “wireless” in a cost effective way without a lot of messy cables. The WiFi Power Pack connects via Ethernet and acts as an adaptor to send/receive the wireless signal from your wireless network. This, in turn, makes the device using the WiFi Power Pack able to connect with tablets, smart phones and other portable electronic wireless devices.

The device, powered by the printer’s cash drawer kick port, can conveniently share the wireless connection around small to medium sized businesses at 150Mbps. The device’s tiny size makes it ideal for installation and is powerful enough to satisfy almost any basic wireless application requirement.


  • Low cost wireless LAN solution
  • Works with any network enabled device
  • Compact size
  • Powered by Printer’s cash drawer kick port, avoids an additional power outlet
  • No drivers needed
  • Adaptable, modular and easy to upgrade
  • Quick intuitive setup


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